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Hey ihr Lieben!
Ich bin momentan irgendwie auf dem Englischtrip. Da ich eine meiner aktuellen Lieblingsserien - The Tomorrow People - lieber auf Englisch als auf Deutsch schaue und mich eine (bisher noch nicht in Deutschland ausgestrahlte Folge) zu einer Fanfiktion inspiriert hat, wurde die FF kurzerhand auf Englisch geschrieben und ist damit meine allererste englische Geschichte.
Vorab: Ich garantiere auf keinen Fall für sprachliche Richtigkeit. Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass es einige Fehler gibt, hab die FF aber nach bestem Wissen geschrieben.

Wenn jemand Verbesserungsvorschläge hat, immer her damit!
Ich bin gespannt auf eure Meinungen!

Fandom: The Tomorrow People (2013)
Charaktere: Roger Jameson, Dr. Jedikiah Price, John Young
Perspektive: John
Einordnung: Episode 19 "Modus Vivendi"

The Last Time

"I was just thinking about the last time the three of us were together. I should've known better than to play paintball with you two."
I don't have to look at him. The smile is clearly audible in his voice and only for a second I'm smiling too. It feels weird - sitting here with Jedikiah and in some way with Roger and hearing some of the old stories. I have them in mind. How may I forget about them? I can't. Never. It was the only really good time I had in my life. The day he mentioned... It was a time without the Annex project, without the guilt of having killed Roger - even if he might be alive again someday.
A life without fighting and hiding all the time.
It was a good time in spite of the hard training at Ultra. In spite of the competitions with other recruits much older than me and all these tests in the lab. In spite of all these things it was good. For the first time in my life someone cared about me. Not the "do what you were told to do or I'll beat you up"-type of care. Really family-like care.
Roger and Jedikiah - or just Jed like I was allowed to call him when it wasn't about work. For me they were what others probably would call family and despite their plans, despite everything they've done to me and how especially Jedikiah ruined my life, I can't hate them. There are still some positive feelings I can't name and above all Roger may lead us to the refuge. He or Stephen and I'm not able to choose one of them. I don't want to be able.
I sigh. These feelings I have ensure that I think back on this paintball match with a little smile. After all that has happened I have forbidden myself to remember this day and some more. But now, after Jedikiah mentioned it... I remember and it feels as if only one or two days have passed since the match. I remember Roger's voice when he asked me to come on a "field mission" with him and Jed and how it became one of the best days at Ultra I had...

I meet Jed and Roger in the lobby. Just a few seconds I hesitate. Not because of the plans. Of course not. It is the very first time I'm allowed to go on a mission with Roger and Jed and I won't waste that chance. Whatever "field mission" exactly means... I hesitate because of Jed. I've never seen him without a suit and a tie and now he' s wearing jeans and a casual shirt. Roger didn't want to tell me what we are going to do, but it has to be something quite unusual. Maybe some underground work?
I'm a bit nervous when I go over to them. Roger smiles and greets me with a nod like he often does. "Hello John, on time as always." I'm grinning.
"Hello, Sir", I say to Jed like I've learned it to do when it's about work.
Unexpectedly, he corrects me: "For this 'mission' it's just Jed." I nod. This is going to be a really unusual mission... And why did he emphasize "mission" in this strange way?
We go outside and to a car parking in front of the Ultra HQ. Roger and Jed take the front seats and I take one of the back seats. Roger drives. On the way he and Jed talk about some new breakouts and the trouble Ultra has with them and Roger mentioned someone called the Founder. He interrupts himself and changes topic when his eyes meet mine in the rearview mirror. Well, this guy - whoever he is - seems to be a secret. Maybe this mission is about him?
Roger stopps in a parking lot next to a large hall and I read one of the banners outside. Paintball? I know this game - in theory, I've never played it - but I don't get what it has to do with a field mission.
Well, wait... Roger had this strange smiling in his face when he talked to me in the morning. Are we going to play paintball? Really?
Under normal circumstances I'm definitly sure Jed would never allow this. Paintball is a game, nothing more, right? Jed always told me that it is important to train as much as possible to become even better and stronger and Roger agreed with him. But this time it's different. It is a"field mission" I never had before, Jed is wearing casual clothes and I'm allowed to call him Jed during a mission. Three really good reasons for abnormal circumstances.
We go inside. "I'll buy the tickets", Jed tells us and goes straight to the pay desk. Roger and I are left. He takes me by my shoulder and turns me around so Jed can only see our backs.
"Think you understand what our field mission is going to be?" He grins. Now I'm really sure about it, but this doesn't mean I grasp it. For some reason I'm just happy. "Just take it as some kind of training. I heard that your shooting abilities are quite good, so let's see how good you may be in the field."
"We're really going to play paintball?", I ask him. Actually I got it, but... Well, actually.
"Sure", he answers. In relation to my normal life at Ultra it's not that sure, but I won't question it. This could become a great day and it differs from my usual, every time the same training.
Roger glances over his shoulder and watches Jed for a few seconds. "I have an additional task for you, a secret one. It's just for the both of us, okay?"
"Jed may not know about it?"
"No, it's about him." I agree although I don't get what this task my be. I'm just really interested. I always liked the tasks Roger gave me during our training sessions and I'm sure Roger would never hurt his brother so this couldn't be bad, right?
"Jed always tries to control the situation no matter what it is about", Roger explains and glances at Jed again, "That's why... well, let me say, it's a really long time ago since Jed had some real fun. For him it's just about work, you know? So we are going to assure that Jed can't control the situation and has to let himself go."
"How?" It sounds strange, but I know about Jeds work and it's definitly hard. Some time ago I went to his office the late afternoon and he had fallen asleep at his desk. It wasn't the last time he looked exhausted.
"By using our powers. Secretly, okay?" I agree. It's an extraordinary task, of course, but at the same time it sounds fun and I agree with Roger: Jed needs some fun. 'Me too', a small voice in my mind mentions. Maybe today both of us will get it.
"Hey, everything's alright?" Jed comes back with three tickets in his hand.
"Yeah, I just explained the rules", Roger answers innocently and I nod in agreement. Actually I hate lying but I think this time it's okay.
"Okay, then let me add one more: No powers."
"Of course not, right, John?" I nod again and try to seem as innocently as Roger.
We go to the locker rooms and behind Jeds back Roger grins at me. Well, maybe it's not just about taking control over the situation. Maybe it's about cheating at Jed too. Now, I'm grinning and I'm really thankfull that Jed don't notice it. This will be fun. Definitly. It's a secret mission in a so-called field mission. Strange, but funny.
In the locker room we get our protective clothes and the guns loaded with paintballs.
"Let's start", Roger says once we are on the field. It's huge with some barricades and things that look like some kind of shelter. There are stones lying upon another, low screens of boards and two old cars. The whole field reminds me of pictures of a street battle I saw. I take a deep breath and look around trying to memorize the barriers.
"Do we play each against each or one on one?", Jed asks. We only have three hours until we have to go back at Ultra. That's why we decide to play every man on himself and only direct hits on back, chest and head count.
A few minutes later we are ready to start the first round.
I'll hide behind a small broken-wall-like barrier and look after Roger and Jed. I can't see one of them and I don't know wether I'm allowed to use my powers only against Jed or against Roger too. So I do it without them at first. I run to the next barrier and look around. I discover Jed behind a wall on the right, but there's no trace of Roger. Taking another deep breath I reassure myself that no one observes me. I shoot on Jed - and only hit his left arm. At the same time I feel the hit on my back and turn around.
"Shot", Roger tells me grinning and hides behind a barrier. This round I'm out and wait. I'm pretty sure that Roger teleported behind me, because near his place was no shelter and I didn't saw him a minute before. I sigh. Next time I'll use my powers against Roger too. For sure.
I watch Roger and Jed. At first I think Jed will win this round, because one of his shots is about to hit Rogers chest, but the ball goes just past him. No way, this was telekinesis. Finally Roger wins this round.
Second round it's my turn. I'm not that good in telepathy but try to block my thoughts and surprise Roger in his shelter. The ball hits his chest and I hide myself immediatly. Jed's left. Teleportation is too obvious so I'm looking for him telepathically. I get a glimpse of his thoughts and spot him in front of me behind an old car. I look around and climb on one of the lower walls. As he detects me I pull the trigger and the ball hits his head. This round definitly was my turn.
"I thought we agreed in using none of your powers." Roger and I try to look innocent.
"Never used one, Jed", Roger answers.
"Me neither", I say hiding a grin.
Jed doesn't look convinced, but says nothing more and we went on with round three. This time I block Rogers shot with my telekinesis, but I'm hit by one of Jeds balls nearly at the same time. Roger either.
The fifth round is as short as the fourth. It becomes a battle between Jed and Roger. Roger's the winner.
"I think that's it." Roger checks the clock above the door to the locker rooms. The three hours are almost over.
"I'm in favor of one last round." Roger and I are surprised. Jed shrugs. "Afraid to lose your first position Roger?"
"Oh I just thought you don't want to lose again." Roger grins. I suppress my laughter, but have to grin too. Actually this situation should feel pretty strange, but I just want to enjoy it. And I do. "Then we'll have one last round", Roger announces and we go back on the field.
I stay in a shelter and hear three shots. Than nothing. I glance around the corner. No one is going to the edge of the field so no one got shot. I leave the shelter behind me and run over to a barrier. Shot. Instinctively I use my telekinesis to deflect the ball and reach the barrier. I see Jed running to the next shelter and shoot. The ball hits his back. He stumbles and stops. From the corner of my eye I see him shaking his head and going to the edge of the field, but my attention is paid to Roger. I can't see him.
'Last round, John', I hear Rogers voice in my mind. 'I'll use my powers. It's up to you what you'll do.'
Our last round becomes the hardest one. Roger and I don't hide using our powers anymore. A few times I teleport to avoid a hit or deflect a ball telekinetically. Roger either. For a second I see Jed grinning in a way like he found out something he had secretly known all the time, then I teleport in a shelter and block my thoughts.
I don't want to let Roger win again. No way. Admittedly his powers are much stronger than mine. Unless... Well, yeah, this could probably work, but I don't know wether I can shoot while being at two places in the same time. I have to try. It's the only way I figure out to catch Roger.
I concentrate as much as I can and decide two points on the field. I hope I'll discover Roger somewhere near one of these points...
The feeling of seeing two scenes at the same time is creepy, but I manage it and take the first and only chance I get. I see Roger, definitly surprised, and shoot. The ball hits his chest. That is the moment I realize that I'm no longer teleporting between two points. I stand still and try to catch my breath. In any case this was a new experience. I teleported to multiple places before but without doing anything more. To shoot meanwhile is new.
"Great idea, John." I feel Rogers hand on my shoulder, look up and smile. "I didn't know you can do this by now."
"Neither do I", I admit.
Jed comes over to us smiling like Roger. "I know we established some ground rules and I know as well that both of you were cheating. No, don't say anything. I should have known better than trusting you two in this point. Next time the prerequisite is a suppression cuff. For both of you", he told us with a grin. I'm glad, because he doesn't seem to be angry. Rogers grin widens. "To see you doing this, John, was really inspiring. I'm sure we should talk about this ability-"
"Jed", Roger interrupts him annoyed and Jed laughs.
"Not now, of course. Let's get clean and back to Ultra. Time's already over."
The ride back to HQ is quiet and everyone follows his own thoughts. This trip - field mission, I correct myself - was great. Last time I had so much fun is pretty long time ago. To be honest I'm not sure whether there has been a time in my life I had this much fun. I don't know why Roger and Jed took me with them on this trip, but I'm really thankfull.

I sigh. "I'm not here to swap memories", I tell him as coldly as I can. I push the memories aside. That's past. Gone. I trusted Jedikiah and he betrayed me more than once. Only a few weeks after this day I took part in the Annex project and later killed Roger. At least I thought I'd killed him... Enough. I'm just here to save Rogers body because that's what I owe him. Nothing more.
But I can't completely ignore the small warm feeling and the little voice in my mind telling me that I do care about Jed and Roger. At least a little bit.

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